As Mexicans suffer from the highest number of gun homicides in their recorded history, your tax-deductible contribution helps build the work to stop the flow of deadly weapons from the United States to Mexico.

From deep research to grassroots engagement, from inside policy work to organizing testimony of US guns’ impacts on Mexican communities and families, this bi-national project develops the tools, capacity, relationships, and expertise to document the flow of guns and to advocate to stop that weapons trade.

I am excited to be building on the work we’ve done and collaborating with amazing researchers and activists in the United States, Mexico and beyond. And I am deeply grateful for your participation in this project.

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In community,
John Lindsay-Poland, Project Coordinator

If you prefer to donate by mail please make your check payable to Global Exchange, with “Stop US Arms to Mexico” in the memo line, and mail it to 360 Perkins St., Oakland, CA 94610.