What You Can Do to Stop US Arms to Mexico

U.S. guns exported to Mexico with few controls on where they go are part of the growing human rights crisis in Mexico that is impacting migrants as well as Mexican communities. It is critical to establish a new framework for Mexico and gun policies and support limits on U.S. gun exports to Mexico that contribute to the unprecedented levels of gun violence there. Contact your Congressional Representative - here is how.

Support federal legislative proposals in Congress that would affect the illegal flow of weapons from the United States to Mexico. More information here.

Please consider being part of one of the following Stop US Arms to Mexico teams:

  • Community Education
    1. Get involved with a Gun Violence Prevention group in your area. Ask them to educate themselves about the role of U.S. guns in Mexico.
    2. Arrange and publicize a showing of the film “Where the Guns Go” in your local college, church, community group, library, or movie house.
    3. Host a speaking event by a human rights defender or community member from Mexico or Central America who has been impacted by violence with U.S. guns. Contact the Stop US Arms project for more information. We organize virtual events, including as part of the Network to Prevent Gun Violence in the Americas.
  • Research team.We are researching the use of U.S. guns in Mexico and Central America (especially violence that is making people migrate north), gun producer companies, and the distribution of weapons within Mexico. We are also researching the impact of U.S. weapons on migrants from Central America and Mexico.
  • Media team. Be a social media jedeye for the Stop US Arms to Mexico campaign. Point people are needed to regularly upload content to the project’s Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Policy Advocacy Team
    1. Communicate with federal officials and organize others to participate in advocacy efforts.
    2. Ask a local city council member to sponsor a resolution supporting actions by the federal government and by private companies to stop the flow of guns to Mexico. Stop US Arms to Mexico can provide a model resolution.
  • Fundraising and contributing to support the Stop US Arms to Mexico project.

For information and to become involved, contact coordinator John Lindsay-Poland, johnlindsaypoland@gmail.com, 510-282-8983.

Stop US Arms to Mexico is a project of Global Exchange that works to reduce the flow of weapons from the United States to Mexico, both illegal traffic and legal exports, that are contributing to displacement, state violence, homicides, and violent crime. Stop US Arms partners with groups in the U.S. and Mexico, including School of Americas Watch, Forum on the Arms Trade, and the Mexican Commission for the Defense of Human Rights.

Other actions you can take:

  • Sign the petition to the State Department to stop licensing gun sales to the Mexican Army and Police
  • Call your Member of Congress to call for transparency in military sales to Mexico.