Stop U.S. Arms to Mexico is hosting a series of speaking tours and engagements with key communities by Mexican activists, victims and experts around the United States and in Washington DC. The movement to end the proliferation of firearms across the border, requires the support and attention of advocates like you. We cannot accurately address gun violence without acknowledging that the firearms that are killing us on both sides of the border are the same. We need our neighbors to work together to make our communities safer.

What can a Speaking Tour or Event look like in your community? 

  • Community forum 
  • Panel with victims of violence from both sides of the border
  • University speaking engagement 
  • Press engagement 
  • Lobby day or local advocacy with Mexican activists 
  • Protest/rally

What do we need for a speaking tour? 

  • Language interpretation 
  • Lodging 
  • Support for travel 

To host a Mexican speaker in your community, please contact Stop US Arms to Mexico organizer Bella D’Alacio (754) 214-0786 

Or fill out this form, and we will contact you.