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Selling weapons south of the border is big business — and America’s loose gun laws are also devastating for Mexico

By Seth Harp, The Rolling Stone

August 7, 2019

In-depth reportage on a group of men who made some of the most powerful machineguns – which fire 25 rounds a second – and trafficked them them from Texas to criminal organizations in Mexico. Law enforcement investigations are hobbled by the gun lobby’s hold on federal legislation, which lack any law against weapons trafficking per se.

Among Harp’s findings: “To date, there have been no media or law-enforcement reports of the Gulf Cartel or any other criminal organization making use of Fox’s miniguns, but in March 2019, Mexico’s National Commission on Human Rights released the results of an investigation into a gun battle that took place last year on a highway a few hours north of Reynosa along the Texas border. Mexican marines were taking heavy fire from a splinter element of Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel, and called for helicopter backup. The Black Hawk — armed with a Dillon Aero minigun — took off from a military base in Reynosa. When the chopper arrived, the door gunner opened fire on a pickup that was driving past the marines’ position. In it was an innocent family, three of whom were slain in the whirring onslaught of bullets.”

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