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The Trace, January 16, 2024
Chip Brownlee

A new organization that’s representing Mexico in a lawsuit against American gun manufacturers and dealers hopes to accomplish just that.

American gun politics and policy have sway far beyond our borders. U.S. guns fuel cartel violence in Mexico, find their way to crime scenes in Canada, and are contributing to a rising gun violence epidemic in the Caribbean. Despite this global dimension, the influence hasn’t run in the other direction.

Global Action on Gun Violence hopes to change that. GAGV and its founder, longtime gun reform advocate and attorney Jonathan Lowy, want to use international pressure as a lever to change U.S. gun policies. They’re doing so through courts — both inside and outside the U.S. — and through human rights proceedings in international bodies.

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Photo: A knotted gun sculpture painted by Mexican artist Paola Delfin is displayed at a park in Monterrey, Mexico, in April 2015. Emilio Vazquez/AP