Gun Violence in the Americas: Local Solutions to a Hemispheric Challenge

Webinar hosted by the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH)

July 16, 2020

Watch the webinar recording here.

For over a decade now, the Americas have had the highest rates of gun violence in the world. This burden is largely concentrated in the region’s cities. In 2019, 47 of the world’s 50 most violent cities were in the Americas. The relatively free flow and easy access to firearms in the hemisphere – both legal and illegal – is a clear common denominator. Ultimately, regulating and reducing the arms trade holds promise to save countless lives. Yet, with someone in the hemisphere dying violently every three minutes, the work of saving lives cannot only wait for laws and policies to change; it involves action at multiple levels.

In this webinar, experts discuss how cities and affected communities are leading the way as innovators and practitioners in preventing gun violence.


  • Dr. Rodrigo Guerrero, former Mayor of Cali, Colombia
  • Roseanna Ander, Executive Director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab
  • Ciera Walker, Executive Director of Live Free Chicago
  • Dr. Rodrigo Canales, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, Yale School of Management
  • Vaughn Crandall, Co-Director, California Partnership for Safe Communities
  • Jeremy Biddle (moderator), Executive Director of MetroPEACE

Presentations are in English.