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August 3, 2020
Fabián Medina is head of cabinet of Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations.
Victoria Estrada is editor and producer of audio reports for the National Public Radio podcast, Radio Ambulante.
Fernando García is the Executive Director of the Border Network for Human Rights, based in El Paso, Texas.
John Lindsay-Poland coordinates the project Stop US Arms to Mexico
Laura Carlsen, moderator, is director of the Americas Program in Mexico City.

Presentation by Fabián Medina (in Spanish), Head of Cabinet of Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Ministry

Presentation by John Lindsay-Poland (in Spanish), Coordinator of Stop US Arms to Mexico

The presentations are in Spanish. Hosted by Global Exchange and Rompeviento TV and co-sponsored by the Network to Prevent Gun Violence in the Americas.

On the anniversary of a racist attack with assault rifles against Mexicans in a shopping center in El Paso, Texas, which cost the lives of 23 people and wounded many more, in this webcast we talk about what happened, how the community has responded, gun trafficking from the United States to Mexico, and what can be done to stop this violence.

Our guests include a representative of the Mexican Foreign Ministry; a journalist who returned to El Paso and her native Ciudad Juárez; a border community leader who is coordinating a commemoration in El Paso; and a researcher on the U.S. gun market that is feeding violence on both sides of the border.