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August 18, 2021

Attention to the production and marketing of firearms in the United States, in relation to violence within the country as well as outside U.S. borders, has been growing. This month, Mexico filed a high-profile lawsuit against U.S. weapons manufacturers, which follow upon a number of other legal suits filed in U.S. courts by state officials and citizen groups. In addition to the misuse and illicit transfer of firearms, the legal trade is also under scrutiny as the Biden administration recently notified Congress of a potential $5.5 million sale of fully automatic firearms to the Mexican Navy and Marines.

Hear a discussion of these developments and what they might mean for combating gun violence in an event co-hosted by the Network to Prevent Gun Violence in the Americas, the Forum on the Arms Trade, and the Giffords Law Center.

Ioan Grillo, journalist and author, including of Blood Gun Money: How America Arms Gangs and Cartels
Kristen Rand, Legislative Director, Violence Policy Center
Steve Shadowen, Founding Partner, Hilliard & Shadowen LLP
​John Lindsay-Poland, Coordinator, Project to Stop US Arms to Mexico